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Happy Birthday to my Little Buzz Ride!  

It seems like only a few years ago I was walking down your unpainted hallways, tripping on cardboard that David would save me from, looking at the little pivoting numbs where your space cruisers would sit, smelling like blacklight paint after working the burn, setting off the 904 (fire) alarm on opening day because of the pyro on the front of the building, waiting for Chilis to open at 11am after working an overnight, avoiding spaghetti day at the Inn Between on the dat we got to wear our costumes for the first time. I miss calling guests ‘space rangers’ and having kids (and silly adults) shoot at me while at main. Thanks for the memories LBR. You will always be my home.

TLDR- BLAB’s bday today. I miss working it everyday. Opening crew represent!

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